Geniza A.R.P.O.V., 2017
720p iPhone Screen Capture

5 min

Throughout Judaic Mesopotamia existed ancient burials sites for civil documents. These were forbidden to discard due to required blessings that documents needed - mentioning deeds, disputes, and inheritances. As a result, the Geniza became a crypt to understand over 1,000 years of life BC. Most of these texts are yet to be translated and are currently being digitized at universities in the US and England. More recently, high quality scans are available for public scholarship. Being drawn to this process of decoding the past, Geniza A.R.P.O.V "translates" a specific group of texts from a Geniza in Cairo using Google's AR translation algorithms. The abrupt and jittery translations reveal subtle subjective tendencies: "Lobbyist", "Dada", and "Bioethanol" conjure a seizure of words.