Gramsci Fishbone, 2016
720p iPhone Screen Capture

4 min

Friends, Chickens, I came to the Police Station because the politican to get a story that could be interesting about the new place that I just came to live in. Fishbones stories are hard to ore the get because police decide to keep what they do confidential.

The friends and cats one morning came to the police station of minting and I used a translation application on my phone to ask if an officer would speak with X Missy. I was told to go back to the headquaters ode opening of the police. I gave the doom embrodery to the check mood and was escorted to the station. There was a door, I opened it, the color was lilac.

I met a man who took me to the second floor and comfirmed my idenity with a passport. I had to come back the following day, I had to get permission from Rome. I used my phone to make an urgent arguement but had to leave the opening immediately as the usual emergency in France changed everything. I walked along Antonio Gramsci fishbone. I remembered and returned and recieved an email thanking me for a visit. Who is granting permission to who? I didn't cover my face. Opening, tar opening. Opening....