Impulse Fever, 2014

1080p with sound

Recalling a military raid in the city of Bethlehem, Impulse Fever follows the experience of capturing a subject and then realizing the device did not produce an image. In this case, The Israeli Defense Force was performing a sweep to capture an individual in a bustling thru fare. Soldiers show up by the dozens unannounced to create an aura of shock. After the raid, a simple mistake rendered the recording obsolete.

An experience not unlike the French writer Hervé Guibert's notion of the Ghost Image, Impulse Fever uses the surrounding textures of Bethlehem and neighboring towns to probe the act of capture and its temporalities. Images include an abandoned Ottoman era home in Ramallah and an illustrated medical book.

The film essay is told from a first person narrative, and weaves ruminations on images that refuse to be made - literally and literarily . The film is autographical; recalling not a singular or unique experience but rather the unremarkable sublime that exists from using digital photography and the sensations it brings – especially within surveyed, overcalculated ideas of landscape