A Prism When in the Shade
Conversation and Screening at Temporary Agency, Brooklyn

On November 12th, 2014 - for the occasion of the exhibition A Prism When in the Shade - Palestinian activist Amin Husain and queer scholar Jasbir Puar joined a conversation on gradients of oppression between New York and Palestine in the expanded field of empire. The exhibition space is an important part of the work; four artists collectively run this nomadic program - Kiran Chandra, Dominika Ksel, Amanda Turner Pohan, and Natalee Cayton. At the request of one of the speakers, this conversation was not recorded or posted online due to severe harassment that has come with the territory. Peggy Awesh, a filmmaker in the audience, took notes on her leftover receipts and which are now published alongside ruminations on note taking as part of the magazine Dolce Stil Criollo, Issue 2. This event was not tied to an institution or funding body. Notes from the 2 hour conversation can be found on the Facebook page of Temporary Agency.

Afterwards, a screening of three films sifted through themes brought up throughout the night:
Dimensions of a Fish (2013) by Shehrezad Maher
We Owned the Sky (2014) by Asma Ghanem
Nervus Rerum (2008) by The Otolith Group

special thanks to Davd Whelan for his unflagging labor, Party Hall for providing seating, and LUX Films for squeezing past captial models of distrubtion


(from left to right) Amin Husain, Jasbir Puar, Jake Davidson