A Prism When in the Shade Conversation and Screening at Temporary Agency

On November 12th, 2014 I invited Palestinian activist Amin Husain and queer scholar Jasbir Puar to have a conversation on queer liberation, gradients of opression between New York - Palestine, and the expanded field of empire. Afterwards, I ran a short screening of three films that more or less approach these topics in ways I find significant, including - in order of presentation: Dimensions of a Fish (2013) by Shehrezad Maher, We Owned the Sky (2014) by Asma Ghanem, and Nervus Rerum (2008) by The Otolith Group.

A big thanks to all involved, including Dave Whelan for his unflagging labor, Party Hall for providing seating, and LUX Films for squeezing past captial models of distrubtion.

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